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Skyler met his boyfriend Blake on a plane and bought him to our studio to make some cash. Blake had never fucked on film before so he was a little nervous but Skyler took control and started kissing him before instructing his boy to start sucking on his black cock. Totally horned up and seemingly forgetting about the camera Blake got right to work...
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Today this guy named Ben came to test Castro Supreme's dragon. For those of you who are unsure of what that it is. well it's a big black dick that looks like a club you would use on seals. Around here it is also used to crack white boys assholes open and today this little fucker gets split wide open with a smile on his face...
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This week at Blacks On Boys Johnny Boy bought his friend Peanut into the studio for some work experience. First on his appointment book was this cute white boy from Russia named Nicolas. After a failed attempt to communicate with their foreign speaking butt buddy the black duo pulled their cocks out and waved them in front of Nicolas. Even without english he...
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This week we brought in a porno virgin to see what was up. I think he crapped himself when he saw that Castro was hung literally like a horse. The guys name is Roni and he gets his tight little butt hole pummeled by some big black dick! I just gotta say that I'm sure that had to hurt.
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So I invited Cameron over to my place for a friendly game of pool and was shocked when he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off my bulge. Finally I asked him if he liked what he saw, he answered that he couldn't be sure until he saw it. I unzipped my pants and my question was answered when he immediately got on his knees and started giving me head...
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Brad Slater is a little street corner slut that can't control himself around a big, hot black cock.. This is one hot scene full of double blowjobs, ass pounding and giant loads. But don't take our word for it... grab an oven mitt and see for yourself!
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This week we approached a black boy who was hanging out on a street corner. He was quick to turn down our offer of sex but when we followed that up with an offer of cash, he started paying attention. After working out a figure my boy Malek took him down a back alley and started to get his moneys worth with a blowjob. Of course after getting nice and hard he...
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Today Castro is breaking in a little Spanish boy with his enormous black cock. From the interview this boy seemed experienced but once Castro invited him to take a ride on his giant meat his game face changed to one of pain. One thing is for sure, his ass will never forget the moment it was introduced to the Supreme...