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Featured Models - Castro and David
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Today we have a longtime fan of Castro's, David from New York. This kid was no joke he took in the ass like a champ in all the positions Castro put him into. In the end he thanked us for bringing him over and letting him meet Castro. This is one one update you guys won't wanna miss!
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Featured Models - Erin, Billy Long and Black Hawk
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This is Erin's third or fourth trip with us and everytime he likes it more and more, he just can't get enough black cock. This time he's doing something he has not done yet, two black studs at the same time. We hook him up with Billy Long and Black Hawk. Two brotha's with nice big, fat black cocks for him to suck and fuck.
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Featured Models - Castro and J.J.
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After giving J.J. a taste of what he is in for the unlikely duo arrive at Castro's apartment to fulfill J.J's fantasies of fucking a big black cock. Castro wastes no time flipping J.J. onto the sofa and whips out his enormous cock. With a mixture of pain and pleasure J.J. gets his first indication of what his ass will be experiencing for the next half hour.....
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Featured Models - Scandalous and Thugzilla
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Thugzilla's friend is looking to get in shape and Mr. Zilla is happy to help. After a run they go to Thugzilla's private gym and start lifting weights. But it's not long before Thugzilla's skinny friend injures himself and Thugzilla decides it might be time for the warm down. Which, of course, involves his hard black cock pounding the stuffing out of his fri...
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Featured Models - Aaron and Avery
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Aaron likes his meat dark and Avery likes it white. Together, they made a creamy mix of black cock, white ass, and a whole lot of cum! Watch them as they interact on a blind date before going back to the studio for the dessert.
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Featured Models - Castro and William
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William is a nice little college boy. He even has a girlfriend. What his girl doesn't know is that Willy loves the cock. We picked him up in front of his campus. He was a little shy at first but once we got him back to the apartment he started opening up. He told us all about his repressed sexual escapades. He loves sex but there was something missing in his...
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Featured Models - Cognac
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Boy do we have a treat for you this week guys! Cognac is picked up by a friend of his to help fix his computer, but of course there is no computer, but there is something that he can get worked on... Sucking on a little man pole then getting it up his tight virgin ass! Ready to see some anal slamming? Lets GO!
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Tucker
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It was a rainy day here in Miami but that didn't stop us from our weekly asshole stuffing. Castro and I met up with this guy named Tucker. Basically to make a long story short: Tucker likes dick in his mouth and ass. Luckily for him we have lots of dick to accommodate those two little holes...