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Recently Adam's friend had his first interracial adventure at a public restroom and he has been telling Adam how amazing it was ever since. Adam wants to see for himself so his friend hooks him up with Tyko, the black stud he had so much fun with. Understandably Adam is a little anxious when Tyko arrives but when he takes out his huge black cock Adam forgets...
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The recession has really hit Seth bad, he lost his job and has been looking everywhere for a new one. Finally he found a job as a pool boy but he soon finds out that his new boss Izzy James requires more from his employees then just hard work. He has a monster in his pants that requires constant attention...
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This guy Jared came to test his will by taking a massive sized cock up his poop chute. Unfortunately for Jared he will be shitting weird for the rest of his life after his ass failed to stretch wide enough to accommodate Castro's mammoth cock. Castro almost gutted this poor man's insides.
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Jace Jones hears his friend's brother is selling speakers that Jace really wants. Problem is the brother, Diesel Washington, wants $600 for the speakers which is money Jace does not have. In all good business deals, there is some negotiations and the end result is mutually beneficial to both.
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We got a big boy for you guys this time. Damien is a huge dude, and he's ready to get piped by Castro's massive cock. He's a little curious, and this will be his biggest dick ever. He cautiously sucks on it, and then takes it in his ass, all the way. Did he make it out alive? Come find out.
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Alexander Garrett is working hard cleaning up his clients yard when Izzy James calls him inside for a talk. Izzy thinks Alexander can work a little harder and he has a special job in mind for him. Turns out Izzy has a massive problem, his huge black cock is in need of some relief and he thinks Alexander is the right man for the job...
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This weeks' update is Allen Star, and he's very excited to be here. He's your typical looking and acting white guy that you would see on the bus, in the store or just about anywhere, but you would never guess what's on his mind. But since he is with us you know exactly what he is thinking, the same thing that is on your mind if you are reading this...
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When Dylan breaks down in the middle of nowhere without his cellphone he figures his day is ruined. Fortunately, Izzy notices his plight and stops to offer help. After calling a tow truck, Izzy invites Dylan back to his place to pass the time. Extremely grateful Dylan asks Izzy how he can repay him and Izzy answers by pointing towards his growing bulge with...