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We went down to this local club and got a vip room just for us, and every time we do that, things get borderline dangerous. Our friend Sincere is really hot and so are all his friends. Once the drinks started flowing, the shirts and pants came off. Things got so out of hand, but good, that we couldnt wait to get back to my buddys house for a little anal. And...
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We have a brand new black stud joining us today for his very first porn scene ever. His name is Dee Truth and we think you'll like him. Mister Buck also joins us in this episode to give our newest white boy some double trouble. Speaking of white boys, his name is J.R. and he's a damn good looking fellow. When questioned by the black studs he says he is more...
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A lot of people ask if it's real, is Castro's cock really that big? Well, my friends go and ask Noah Brooks, the latest victim on It's Gonna Hurt. Noah always wanted to try a big black dick. Now he has, and I'm not sure he will ever do it again. He received a savage asshole stretching with a side of cream sauce...
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This week's update is painfully delightful. We had this guy named Matthew contact us, turns out he was eager to have Castro's enormous cock in his ass. Well we set up a shoot for him and today was the lucky day. He received all five pounds of big black meat straight up his asshole and I really think he liked it too.
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After disciplining his new man-servant with a horsewhip Race decides to reward him with a taste of his big black cock. Mr. Lee thanks his master for such generosity and goes to work sucking it hungrily. Then it's back into chains for a hard, merciless fucking from Race. Of course Mr. Lee takes his pounding like a man and encourages his master to use him as h...
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This week we brought in this guy Marxel and told him we weren't sure if he was gonna bottom or top. Funnily enough he suggested we determine roles by seeing whose dick was bigger. He was keen to show us what he was slinging but Izzy blew his dreams of topping out of the water with his enormous black meat. So he got his asshole fucked into submission...
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Ready for more fierce, condomless fun between this fivesome of hardcore hotties? How bout seeing Thugzilla getting sucked as one of his admirers rides a raw cock at the same time? Well you can see all of the above in this new release. It'll have you gagging for more.
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If Aaron seems a little nervous it's because he's about to take on Thugzilla for his first ever black cock! I pity the fool. They don't get any whiter than Aaron Rouge... and yes he's a true redhead. Aaron tells us he wants to be dominated by a black man and Thugzilla has no problem showing him who's boss…