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Featured Models - Intrigue and Premo
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So today Intrigue went out to pick up this white boy named Premo that he found on an internet dating site. Anyways once they get back to the fuck pad and Intrigue puts his black cock right into his mouth and face fucks Premo, who loves getting it rough. Bonus! Intrigue takes full advantage of this and gives it to him in the ass with no reservation and Premo...
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When Play Toy is hired to keep an eye on a young man while his mother is away he can not believe his luck when that boy turns out to be the eighteen year old Parker. After a little flirting Parker quickly realizes where the action is heading and without fuss reaches across to suck his sitters cock. Play Toy smiles knowingly as he looks forward to what is sti...
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Steven is up to no good as he pours water all over his shorts. He walks into the next room and asks Sean to lend him his shorts because his are drenched. Sean isn't buying it as he grabs his mug and pours water all over his own. Getting Sean out of his shorts was easier than expected. Steven kneels to feign his dismay but soon the two are making out hot and...
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Sly and Jordano had always been best buds, but had never hooked up because Jordano is straight. That is until Sly let Jordano try out his new Fleshlight! Jordano slipped that ultra-realistic anal sheath over his huge cock and discovered that he liked the feel of ass so much, he wanted to try out the real thing with some hardcore first time gay sex!
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So today we were stalking the local college campus here in Miami and approached a cute guy named Jaden. Turns out he was late but we convinced him to skip class and accompany us back to my apartment. He was suitably intrigued by Castro's huge cock and soon had a huge helping of it pushed into his tight asshole.
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