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Video Description - Two hunky black men enjoying a blind date
Featured Models - Juice and Kane
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Juice is a buff stud who works building houses and enjoys Italian food. Kane is a boxer who digs built, masculine men and declares himself a "beef man". Are these two a match made in heaven? Will Kane get his beef in Juice's oven? Cum watch and see the meaty, beefy blind date action!
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Jesse
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Lately there seems to be a trend of quitters here on this site. Maybe it's a coincidence or perhaps it's because these guy's are all taking a Louisville Slugger up there wahzoo and aren't prepared for it. Anyhow this little white boy Jesse played the game with Castro and came out of it with a red asshole and a funny expression on his face...
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Featured Models - Diesel Washington and Marxel Rios
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Marxel is on his hands and knees looking under the futon for something when Diesel walks in and is greeted by the visual of Marxel's ass in the air. "Looking for something?" Diesel asks as he comes in for a better look. "Yeah, I'm looking for a controller" Marxel says. "So am I" Diesel grins as he reaches for Marxel's ass and grabs his cock and balls...
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Video Description - Two black guys fucking on their first date
Featured Models - Pasceo and Mr A.
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After interviewing Pasceo and Mr A, we decided they were a match made in porn heaven! For both these music-loving studs, a good date ends in the bedroom. Their big difference? Mr A. loves seafood and Pasceo loves meat. There won't be any fish-eating on this date, but there will sure be plenty of meat to go around!
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Featured Models - Unknown
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Eager to get some new talent for our site we put a classified ad up in the local newspaper looking for male models. We had a few inquiries but in the end only one guy turned up for his photo shoot. When we broke the news that we shoot porn he was taken aback but since he needed the cash (and we were offering plenty) he agreed to give it a go.
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Featured Models - Nubius and Remey
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Ramey is waiting for his booty call, bent over in his underwear, with his arms loosely tied around behind his back. He knows Nubius will want him ready when he enters and he does't want to disappoint. When Nubius finally does arrive he is happy with what he finds and runs his hands across Ramey's chest and arms before slamming him onto the sofa and shoving h...
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When we found Pinky, we couldn't resist wanting to get up in his pink sock! We conned him into coming to "lift some weights" with us, but what he ended up doing what lifting our hard cocks up to his sexy lips!
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Damien
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So this week we have Damien lined up for Castro to fuck. Damien likes big cocks and wants to test his limits and who better to stretch an ass to its limits then the Supreme? Damien starts out with some slow dick sucking but it's obvious the place where he wants Castro's monster cock isn't in his mouth...