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Video Description - Interracial couple playing cards for sex
Featured Models - Eddie Diaz and Wolf Hudson
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Eddie and Wolf are big time card players, most of the time it's all in good fun, but this hand is a little different. Somebody stacked the cards in their favor and decided to deal them up on some satin sheets in front of a crackling fireplace. It starts out as a friendly game, but when the chips are down, they just want to see what the other is holding.. in...
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The local community has been having trouble with Fritz, the bad boy of the neighbour hood. He is always loitering with his skateboard and intimating the locals so they hire a beefy black security guard to set him straight. Once he see's what he is dealing with officer Hole Hunter doesn't waste anytime and leads the young punk back to his office for a lesson...
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Video Description - Black men climaxing after a blind date
Featured Models - N-Ice and Slim
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N-Ice needs a man who can carry on a conversation. Slim needs a nice guy who appreciates his affection. They both really want mind blowing, hot, sweaty sex! Lets see if their wants and needs are met on this episode of gay blind date sex!
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Video Description - Amateur guy gets introduced to the supreme
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Jared
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This guy Jared came to test his will by taking a massive sized cock up his poop chute. Unfortunately for Jared he will be shitting weird for the rest of his life after his ass failed to stretch wide enough to accommodate Castro's mammoth cock. Castro almost gutted this poor man's insides.
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Video Description - Young black guy sucking cock
Featured Models - Damieen and Eric
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Damieen was at home hanging out doing a little exercise when there was a knock at the door. It was a guy selling magazines... In the process of Damieen checking them out Eirc went down on him and gave him a blowjob that had him in awe and very turned on.
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Our black stud Pleasure Boi was doing some shopping when he found a cute, skinny twink named Cameron Davis. Luckily Cameron was about to get off work and was willing to see what's up. Straight away Cameron admitted he was very nervous to be with his first black guy because of their mythical big black cocks. Pleasure Boi smooths things along though and gets C...
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Video Description - Russian boy sucks on two black cocks
Featured Models - Nicolas Burt, Johnny Boy and Peanut
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This week at Blacks On Boys Johnny Boy bought his friend Peanut into the studio for some work experience. First on his appointment book was this cute white boy from Russia named Nicolas. After a failed attempt to communicate with their foreign speaking butt buddy the black duo pulled their cocks out and waved them in front of Nicolas. Even without english he...
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Zack
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Today we got this guy named Zack who is a cute gym rat that's in good shape.. Good shape to get fucked by Castro and his massive unit. Zack and I went back to meet Castro and Zack got a face full of man meat, which he happily sucked up like a vacuum cleaner. Then he got his ass opened really wide, he moaned and whimpered a bit and in the end he got a shot ri...