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Recently Adam's friend had his first interracial adventure at a public restroom and he has been telling Adam how amazing it was ever since. Adam wants to see for himself so his friend hooks him up with Tyko, the black stud he had so much fun with. Understandably Adam is a little anxious when Tyko arrives but when he takes out his huge black cock Adam forgets...
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Order food back at the pad, get a little snack in the belly then offer up some thick hot chocolate cock for dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth. This fool couldn't resist my fat chocolate cock so after I fucked his face and pummeled his ass I blasted a nice little frosting treat all over his lips for good measure.
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Todays white boy goes by the name Legacy and he came all the way from Germany just to get his first big, black dick. We matched him up with Dee Truth and Legacy got straight on his knees to suck that dick. But Dee Truth can only get his cock sucked for so long before he wants some of that tight, white ass...
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So this week we found this sexy black man standing on a street corner. We approached him and it turns out he is on probation and has to watch what he does. Luckily being fucked by a white boy isn't something he can get in trouble for so he agreed to accompany us back to our pad, for a significant handful of cash of course...
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We've been putting some ads in the local paper to see if there were any takers out there for Castro's big black cock. Well guess what? We got one.. and he's straight! As if that wasn't enough, he has a wife and kids at home! It turns out our boy Ari always fantasized what it would be like to take Castro's ginormous cock inside his virgin asshole. Well Castro...
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Erecting buildings during the summer months is hard and sweaty work so Astengo invites construction workers, Scorpio and Tone, up to his loft for a break. Once they arrive Astengo does his best to make his guests comfortable, taking both of their hard black cocks into his mouth and sucking hard. Astengo then gets onto all fours, and the construction workers...
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