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Eager to get some new talent for our site we put a classified ad up in the local newspaper looking for male models. We had a few inquiries but in the end only one guy turned up for his photo shoot. When we broke the news that we shoot porn he was taken aback but since he needed the cash (and we were offering plenty) he agreed to give it a go.
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Kain undoes Diesel's jeans as Diesel's growing meat lands in Kain's mouth. "Stick that tongue out", Diesel orders, as he feeds him his big dick. Kain braces for it as Diesel starts to shove his big cock inside his spit-soaked ass. All Kain can do is grunt as Diesel coaxes him as his ass starts to give way. “That's what I've been looking for”, sighs Diesel as...
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Featured Models - K.P. and Intrigue
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After we get to know K.P. on the basketball court we invite him back to our crib for some further interracial action. He readily admits he is bi, but also says he has never been with a black guy before. That is no problem for our stud, Intrigue, and he confidently assures K.P. that is he loves cock then his black shaft will send him to heaven.
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Sean Wade... What a sexy name, it rolls off your lips so smoothly, just like his lips roll smoothly over the big black studs hot cock and nipples. It sounds like suede and he's just as plush and soft and our black stud takes full advantage of this oppurtunity to fully tear him up!
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme
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This week we have a cute white dude in the studio wanting to put his ass to the test. He isn't shy about showing his love for big cocks and the Supreme is the biggest he has ever seen. After an intense cock sucking session he bends over and begs Castro to fill him up...
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Big dick ebony stud Billy Long is so hot the other black dudes are practically knocking at his door to get his pants off. Today he's got one of his old buddies, Cuba Santos, in town and they get right down to business! Watch Cuba deep throat that big black cock and then get his ass drilled!
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After the game Nubius invites his teammate, Aron Ridge, over for a few drinks. They had a tough day on the turf, running, tackling and making hard plays, and some relaxing is definitely in order. After throwing back a few cold ones, Nubius hits the shower while Aron chills out. When Nubius returns from the shower, wearing only a towel, Aron takes it as a sig...