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Today we had a real eager big cock lover going by the name Spencer join us at the studio. He was desperate for a taste of the supreme and once he got his fill it was his asses turn. Spencer pointed his butt into the air and Castro filled it up with his immense meat...
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This week's update is painfully delightful. We had this guy named Matthew contact us, turns out he was eager to have Castro's enormous cock in his ass. Well we set up a shoot for him and today was the lucky day. He received all five pounds of big black meat straight up his asshole and I really think he liked it too.
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We have a real nice treat for you this week. His name is Travis and he is a nice piece of tanned beach boy. And just like ALOT of our other white boi's, he saw our website and could no longer delay his fantasy of wanting to suck and be fucked by a big, hard black dick. And you know we just love to give our guests what they want, so we hooked him up with our...
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Today we picked up a horny guy going by the name Gene. He admitted to a size fetish and desperately wanted to take on the ultimate in big cocks, Mr Castro Supreme. So after admiring and sucking on the biggest cock in gay porn...
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We only promise one thing here on It's Gonna Hurt and that is big black cocks. And for todays episode we invited Jacob onto the set for a double dose, because I guess one giant cock wasn't enough? At least he enjoyed the hot cum bath at the end and left us exhausted and with a red hot butt hole...
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When Seth Roberts, a skinny white boy, teams up with Billy Rogers, an extremely well hung black dude, the result is one hell of a hot scene. They begin the action by slowly exploring their bodies with their tongues until Seth can't wait any longer. Reaching towards Billy's crotch he pulls out his immensely thick dick and start working his mouth around the sh...
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