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Video Description - Black studs tag team a blond boy
Featured Models - Luke Cross, Billy Long and Brandon
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Billy Long and Brandon were eager to get their hands on this weeks blond boy, Luke Cross, and when they couldn't decide who would have the pleasure of fucking him we decided to let them both go at it. As soon as Luke nodded his agreement he was presented with both of their impressive pieces of black meat and quickly swallowed them both, clearly trying to det...
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Video Description - Castro stuffs a horny beach boy
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Tristan
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Today we visited a popular nude beach looking for Castro's next fuck buddy. In the end we convinced Tristan to take the plunge. From the beach we went to my apartment and they hit it off from there. When Castro revealed his foot long monster, Tristan knew it was going to hurt!
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Video Description - Black guy get sucked off in the backseat
Featured Models - Pee Wee and Mr. Buck
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Today Mr Buck finds himself a school teacher, an English teacher to be exact and he goes by the name of Pee Wee. Mr Buck doesn't even wait to get back to the fuck pad before putting Pee Wee to work. He pulls his big black cock out right in the back of the car and Pee Wee goes to town on it, swallowing it whole...
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Video Description - White guy gets double teamed
Featured Models - Orion Cross, Tyrese and Hot Boi
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Tyrese and Hot Boi love it when they are serviced by someone with experience so they were extremely happy when we presented them with Orion Cross. Orion is a veteran of Blacks On Boys and was eager to show our two newest black studs what he had learnt in his previous scenes. After a quick interview Orion gets to his knees and begins his latest worship of bla...
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Video Description - Surfer boy enjoying a monster black cock
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Rex
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Hey people, there are no waves in Florida. So don't bring your surf board to the beach or you'll have nothing to do except get a big black cock shoved up your ass and cum all over your face. LOL! Today we picked up this little surfer dude at the beach. His name was Rex and he wanted Castro's Supreme in his you know where...
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Video Description - White boy bends over for a black thug
Featured Models - Hood King and Brutiz
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Hood King and Brutiz meet up at the local shopping center and taunted each other with shit talking all the way back to the fuck pad. With the juices flowing after their verbal sparring in the car they didn't waste a second before getting down to business. Following through with his threats to fuck Brutiz up Hood King takes out his cock and does just that...
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Video Description - Cute volleyball player tastes the supreme
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Robbie
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What up guys? Today we brought in this bashful volleyball player off the beach. Before the shoot he admitted he was a big fan of the site and especially Castro. But I think Castro might have fucked this dude straight but then you never know? Maybe all that screaming and begging to stop was all for show… although I seriously doubt it.
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Video Description - Cute white guy sucking a giant black cock
Featured Models - Jess Taylor and Jovannic
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This weeks update is Jess Taylor, he's 20 years old and from Idaho. He's had the desire for black cock for years but in Idaho there's not really much of a selection. But here at Blacks On Boys we have no shortage of black men who like to fuck white bois. We hook Jess up with one of the biggest, thickest black cocks we have...