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We regularly advertise for new guys wanting to test themselves versus Castro's monster cock. So we got a response from this guy named Jared and Castro liked his picture enough to give him his 30 minutes of fame. He had never fucked a black guy and he had to admit the Supreme looked much bigger in person...
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Robbie
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What up guys? Today we brought in this bashful volleyball player off the beach. Before the shoot he admitted he was a big fan of the site and especially Castro. But I think Castro might have fucked this dude straight but then you never know? Maybe all that screaming and begging to stop was all for show although I seriously doubt it.
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So today we have Allen Star in the studio, a regular white boy that you might see down town shopping at the supermarket. One thing makes him different though, your typical white boy isn't contemplating the big black cock he is about to have stuffed into his virgin ass. Not to worry though because this is Allen's fantasy and he can't wait to get started...
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You see that black cock poking through that wall? I'm going to suck it and stroke it until it unloads a wave of black jizz all over. First, I'm going to get rid of every stitch of clothing on me and jack my shaft as a treat to you. Nobody can deep throat a big black dick like me and you're about to see. Oh my, look at the mess he left on me. Time to clean up...
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Today this guy named Ben came to test Castro Supreme's dragon. For those of you who are unsure of what that it is. well it's a big black dick that looks like a club you would use on seals. Around here it is also used to crack white boys assholes open and today this little fucker gets split wide open with a smile on his face...
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Featured Models - Nubius and Aron Ridge
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After the game Nubius invites his teammate, Aron Ridge, over for a few drinks. They had a tough day on the turf, running, tackling and making hard plays, and some relaxing is definitely in order. After throwing back a few cold ones, Nubius hits the shower while Aron chills out. When Nubius returns from the shower, wearing only a towel, Aron takes it as a sig...
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John is so fucking cute! He's only 19 and he loves nothing more then a hard thug cock! Here he meets his match, we give him a thug with a big fat cock that rips his ass open wide. At first these boys have a lil fun playing video games and drinking some beers.. In the end John loses and gets his ass slamed with hard black cock.
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The cameraman found Bradley at a gas station and found out he wanted to make some money and have a little fun. He also found out that Bradley has never been with a black guy. Well, well, well. It's Bradley's lucky day because back at the fuck pad we already have Zodiac waiting for some sweet, white ass. They don't waste any time, Zodiac whips out his big bla...